– the bridge between society, industry and academia, a transatlanic network for innovative high quality research with future potential

…empowers the exchange of knowledge, talents, ideas, technologies and investments between the San Francisco Bay Area and German Southwest.

…builds an intelligent transatlantic network to foster the dialogue between society, industry and academia.

…creates a team of experts who will address global challenges.

…involves alumni in research, higher education and innovation.

…presents the German research landscape in the area of ‘The Future of Work’.

For Researchers

  • Matching research partners.
  • Binding with big players.
  • Exclusive Alumni network.

…creating a German-American team of experts who will address global challenges.

For Companies

  • Transatlantic cooperations.
  • Access to top-class students.
  • Exclusive Alumni network.

…establishing collaborations with focus on innovative and transformative content.

For Start-ups

  • Connections to mentoring.
  • Access to transatlantic start-ups.
  • Exclusive Alumni network.

…facilitating and identifying trends and shape the market.

Our Mission

Our mission is to build a bridge between the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT), one out of four “Universities of Excellence” in Baden-Württemberg, and the USA, especially the SFBA.
Silicon Valley is home of leading technology and internet companies and global hotspot of the startup scene. We use this atmosphere to raise awareness of the importance of knowledge transfer for an innovative working environment and to build a transatlantic network for innovative high-quality research with future potential.

To achieve this we organize various events in SFBA, Boston and Baden-Württemberg.

The intelligent network from knowledge transfer to transformation
through like-minded communication.

E-mail: kitlink@intl.kit.edu
LinkedIn: linkedin.com/company/kit-link

KIT LINK is funded by the campaign “The Future of Work” of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research.

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