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KIT Link transatlantic network

The future of work will be fast-forwarded through research collaboration, KIT Link is an innovation network connecting industry, universities and start-ups between Baden-Württemberg and San Francisco…

Calling for pioneers

San Francisco Bay Area

KIT Links goal is to sustain the presentation of excellent research on the Future of Work. For this we continue to add to our network of minds who collaborate to our common endeavour and present at our events…

Latest news/article

For our fith event of our series we had the pleasure to talk to Olaf Groth about the global future of AI and what Germany can to do to benefit from it. Watch the recording here.

Next event

Three Transatlantic AI Hackathons will bring together creative minds and thought leaders from both sides of the Atlantic. They will collaborate on responsible solutions for crucial challenges of our times. This is a unique opportunity to perform in cross-cultural teams and across boundaries, and develop new approaches to difficult problems.